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About two years ago, environmental enthusiasts from Sweden came up with a new type of pastime that is both good for you and the environment. Its essence lies in the fact that while jogging, whether in a forest, a park or on city roads, you collect garbage that you meet along the way. The Swedes called this activity "plocka upp", and translated into English as "plogging" - plogging , which turned out to be a combination of the phrases "pick up garbage" ( p icking up l itter) and "jogging" (j ogging ).

In the current (2018) year, plogging has already become really popular in other countries, such as the UK and the USA. Moreover, the British dictionary Collins included plogging in the list of the main, most "breakthrough" words of 2018.

While the idea of ​​“plogging” may seem strange or crazy to some, it brings clear benefits in many ways:

  • contributes to the cleansing of the environment from garbage;
  • adds physical activity of other types (in addition to running itself): slopes, squats, stretching;
  • brings environmental awareness into everyday life: both in yours (at least for the duration of the runs themselves), and in the society around you (people see your example and may at least be interested in it).

And special enthusiasts do not stop at combining fitness and ecology, adding additional attributes of everyday life to plogging, for example, walking a child in a stroller.

PS To see plogging in action, for your own inspiration and understanding of the scale of this trend, you can follow the corresponding hashtag on Instagram .

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Dmitry Shurupov Dmitry Shurupov
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