Hidden Animal Products

The article looks at popular products: food, drinks (including alcohol), additives and dyes, medicines, cosmetics - which are harmless at first glance, but, to the surprise of many, are not vegan, because they either contain ingredients of animal origin or imply exploitation of animals/insects in the production process. Recommended for acquaintance to all vegetarians and vegans who have made such a choice for ethical reasons.

Notable Vegetarian and Vegan Athletes

One of the common stereotypes about vegetarianism and veganism is that such a diet is not suitable for people who experience heavy physical exertion. However, numerous examples of outstanding athletes of different generations from around the world prove the opposite. We have selected a list of Olympic and world champions, record holders in various sports, whose vegetarian and vegan diet is confirmed by their own words at the time of the achievements themselves. See for yourself that plant foods contain everything you need for a healthy, strong and hardy body.

Veganz is the world's first vegan supermarket chain

Veganz, helping vegans with their choice and following their slogan "We love life", is a major wholesale supplier of cruelty-free products (cruelty-free). Stores are present in the largest cities of Europe and on the Internet, as well as cafes and their own brand of products.

Why and how animal husbandry harms the environment?

The UN states that "livestock causes deep and wide-ranging environmental impacts that must be addressed immediately." Have you ever thought about the harm to the entire planet caused by the consumption of meat and other food of animal origin? Greenhouse gases, waste of water and land, waste and banal killing of living beings generated by this industry exceed reasonable limits and lead us to irreversible consequences. The article lists the main problems of modern animal husbandry with facts from scientists.

Where can vegans and vegetarians get biologically significant elements

In order to lead a healthy and fulfilling life, it is very important to saturate the body with useful elements, eat right and balanced, and make physical activity. But can a person, without resorting to violence and eating food of animal origin, get all the necessary substances from plant food without harming health and life? The answers are in the article.

Friendship without borders in photos

The animal world is interesting and diverse, it has its own laws, hierarchy, values ​​and emotions.
Animals create families, care for children, show loyalty and care, build strong relationships and play a very important role in maintaining the balance of the Earth's ecosystem. They have the same right to a free life as any other living being. Among other things, communication with animals can bring a lot of positive experiences, new discoveries, deep knowledge of natural laws and ourselves. These beautiful photos are a vivid proof of that.

How to become a vegetarian without harm: the path to natural harmony

In recent years, vegetarianism has become increasingly popular for various reasons, but the process of changing the diet seems difficult for any person. What actually hinders and how justified are these reasons? How to make the transition to vegetarianism? The article discusses the main difficulties of changing the diet and provides a plan for specific actions.

Campbell's China Study for Vegetarianism

This article will focus on the results of the largest research project in China, the purpose of which was to find out the relationship between diet and the most common diseases of mankind.
The results of 20 years of work are set out in the book, M.D. Colin Campbell, The China Study. Shocking for scientists were the data they received, which determined a direct relationship between the consumption of animal products and mortality from cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

Vegetarianism as a choice of Life!

Why do vegans really refuse to eat animal products, as well as any other products and activities associated with the exploitation of animals? Compassion, the desire for a harmonious life, health benefits, benefits for the environment and humanity as a whole are the main factors that will be discussed in this article about veganism and vegetarianism as a conscious choice of Life. "Life" with a capital letter.