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In the very distant past, in the harsh conditions of existence, our ancestors killed animals not for fun, but for survival. Now, for a full life, this is not at all necessary, and even more so - the use of our smaller friends for their own entertainment (hunting, circuses, zoos, dolphinariums, etc.). The animal world is interesting and diverse, it has its own laws, hierarchy, values ​​and emotions. Animals create families, care for children, show loyalty and care, build strong relationships and play a very important role in maintaining the balance of the Earth's ecosystem. They have the same right to a free life as any other living being.

Among other things, communication with animals can bring a lot of positive experiences, new discoveries, deep knowledge of natural laws and ourselves. These photos are intended to show that true friendship with animals is not a myth, but a reality for many people who have chosen the path of respect, compassion and interaction. Do not deprive yourself of the opportunity to know the wide facets of the reality around us and learn to communicate not only with those who can speak.
















Appreciate any manifestation of life on Earth! May all living beings be happy! 🙂

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