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Hello! We are very glad to see you on the website of the anekdotig project!

Passion for a healthy lifestyle, proper nutrition, environmental impact and the purpose of human life on Earth led us to the desire to share information about a conscious attitude towards ourselves and the world. The name of the site reflects our vision of this relationship: "eco" is translated from Greek as "home", the basis of ecology, and "being" - from English. "life", "existence", "living being", as well as "essence". Thus, "anekdotig" is the essence of all living beings that interact in nature without causing harm.

Unfortunately, the rapid development of mankind is inextricably linked with an insufficiently thought-out or selfish attitude towards other living beings and natural resources. The main message of the project is to remind that every living being is involved in the common ecosystem and should be interested in its conservation. A person striving for awareness is not limited to caring for himself and his loved ones - he shows a kind, responsible and sincere attitude towards all people (regardless of their nationality, religion, etc.), animals, nature and the planet as a whole.

We do not pursue material goals and do not strive for extremes. Our project is a voice with which we want to reach out to the deepest love in every person, remind us of the connection with all living beings, awaken a long-forgotten contact with nature and fill the future of our children with light and joy. We can confidently say that living consciously, responsibly and environmentally is not at all difficult! 🙂

We welcome any interaction with our readers. Send your ideas, topics of interest to you, ask questions to our e-mail . Join in the quest to make the world cleaner, kinder and greener! Live in the world with love for the Planet! 🙂

May all living beings be happy!
Victoria and Dmitry Shurupov


  1. Great project, well done guys! You write very competently, unique content, in general, you started a wonderful business, we fully support you, and may there be more of us every day!

  2. Good afternoon

    First, let me thank you for a wonderful site and useful materials!

    I represent Pirelli, Russia, and I am currently working on a project to rid my office and factories of plastic utensils. I would be very grateful if you could give a link where I could download videos about the dangers of plastic with Russian subtitles! This would be great material for colleagues and their children!

    Thank you very much!

    Ekaterina Dulepina
    Public Relations and Sustainability Manager
    Pirelli Tire Russia
    [email protected]

    1. Catherine, thank you for such a warm review!
      We sincerely rejoice when we find a reciprocal interest in environmental issues and conscious living among more and more people! Together it will be easier for us to make life more comfortable and prosperous! 🙂 Visit our groups in social networks and you will be aware of all the latest information on the site. Well, the requested videos will be sent to you by e-mail. 🙂 Good luck in your good endeavors! 🙂

  3. Good afternoon
    I read your article on environmental pollution by animal products. The information is very relevant and useful. I want to ask your permission to publish it on my (non-commercial) Instagram page, in order to disseminate information, with a link to your website. Thank you in advance for your response))

    1. Hello! I already wrote to the mail that, of course, post it - with the help of this site we just want to draw people's attention to such problems 🙂

      1. Then I will take articles that are useful and interesting in my opinion, publish them with a link to your site as a source, if you have any wishes or suggestions, send them to my mail, I will be glad to communicate)) just in case, I attach mail re ( [email protected] )

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