Green motherhood is the right start

We all have a direct responsibility to our children for the state of the environment. How to build childcare with the smallest ecological footprint? Practical advice from the experience of a young mother on how to minimize your purchases during the birth and development of a child, why it is worth abandoning artificial intermediaries, what approach to choose in nutrition, sleep and other daily needs of the baby.

Apple and the environment: how a well-known IT company takes care of the environment

Apple is known not only for its popular electronic devices like the iPhone and MacBook, but also for its responsibility for the environmental consequences caused by their production and use. Her regular reports on initiatives related to environmental care and the conservation of natural resources are a rare and very pleasant example in the world of information technology and big business in general. Find out the details in our article.

Environmentally friendly cities of the world: what is worth striving for

We would like to share the successful experience of various cities around the world, which have proved, not in word, but in deed, that the use of environmentally efficient methods of arranging social life is possible today. This is largely facilitated by green energy, the introduction of tariffs for environmental pollution, innovative solutions in the field of transport, recycling of waste, etc. But the main distinguishing feature of such regions is a clear understanding of the interaction between nature and man, a high culture of consumption, as well as respect for natural resources. resources and focus on the long term.

Hidden Animal Products

The article looks at popular products: food, drinks (including alcohol), additives and dyes, medicines, cosmetics - which are harmless at first glance, but, to the surprise of many, are not vegan, because they either contain ingredients of animal origin or imply exploitation of animals/insects in the production process. Recommended for acquaintance to all vegetarians and vegans who have made such a choice for ethical reasons.

Notable Vegetarian and Vegan Athletes

One of the common stereotypes about vegetarianism and veganism is that such a diet is not suitable for people who experience heavy physical exertion. However, numerous examples of outstanding athletes of different generations from around the world prove the opposite. We have selected a list of Olympic and world champions, record holders in various sports, whose vegetarian and vegan diet is confirmed by their own words at the time of the achievements themselves. See for yourself that plant foods contain everything you need for a healthy, strong and hardy body.

How to reduce your food waste?

If everyone pays more attention to what they eat, how they buy food, what they store in, how they cook and what they throw away, there will be much less environmental problems. What steps should be taken to reduce food waste?

Sunbathing beautifully and safely: recipes for natural skin care

When it comes to summer, everyone dreams of tanned skin. Exposure to the sun brings both benefits and dangers, and commercial cosmetic sunscreens can do even more damage. How to protect yourself from unpleasant consequences and enjoy your summer vacation, you can find out in our article about natural remedies for protecting the skin from ultraviolet radiation.

Veganz is the world's first vegan supermarket chain

Veganz, helping vegans with their choice and following their slogan "We love life", is a major wholesale supplier of cruelty-free products (cruelty-free). Stores are present in the largest cities of Europe and on the Internet, as well as cafes and their own brand of products.

Ecological footprint: how many planets do we need?

Since 1970, human consumption of natural resources has exceeded the Earth's ability to reproduce. The annual resource overrun point in 2015 was passed back in August. What makes up our ecological footprint? Which countries are in the most critical situation? What measures can everyone take to reduce biocapacity consumption? Read about all this in our article.