How is India dealing with waste?

India is the second most populous country in the world.
On her example, you can see what an incalculable amount of garbage every day produces humanity. And so far in this country they are in no hurry to properly handle waste. The article tells about those environmental initiatives that were launched by activists to improve the situation. Perhaps some of them should be taken as an example for us?

"Green" New Year

Don't know how to organize a beautiful and cheerful New Year's holiday without harming the Planet? Get ideas from our article! Here you will find alternative options for a Christmas tree, toys, decorative items, candles, etc. Start the new year by taking care of the Planet, and then she will take care of you! Merry holidays to all!

How to look stylish and sustainable

The race for fashion is one of the biggest causes of pollution of the Planet with tons of garbage and toxins. Clothing has long ceased to be an everyday practical item. Now it has become a fetish and a way of self-expression. In this article, we offer practical examples of how to reduce the negative impact on the environment without sacrificing style.

Born by Nature (photo)

We present photos in which you can feel the power of nature. A deep delusion of modern man is the idea that he is the master of Nature and the life of all life on the Planet depends on him. But, as a historical digression shows, a person cannot cope with natural forces ...

Natural hair care

Almost every woman wants her appearance to be perfect. Beautiful hair creates not only an aesthetic effect, but is also a sign of a healthy body. And if you believe the ancient legends, then the magical power of a woman lies in the hair ... In the article you will find examples of hair care in modern home conditions from natural ingredients.

Loss of forest - loss of life

For the World Paper Free Day (today, October 22), we have prepared an article about the importance of the forest in our lives and about a conscious, respectful attitude towards it. Tree felling occurs on a huge scale and the future of the lungs of our Planet depends on each of us. Let's not be indifferent and return to nature all the care that it shows to us!

How to properly store food

Our previous article was about the colossal loss of food in the world. In developed countries, these losses occur at the stage of sale and consumption, and often due to improper storage. In this article, we present methods that will help you preserve the nutritional properties of products for a long time and extend their consumption.

Food that will never be eaten

According to statistical studies, about 1/3 of the food produced is spoiled or thrown away. This means not only wasted resources, pollution of air and soil, but also the wrong attitude of a person to food. In our article you will find recommendations on how to make purchases rationally and use food not for harm, but for good.

10 things Danes do on bikes

For the all-Russian action on September 22 “Biking to work”, we prepared a list of 10 crazy things that Danes consider normal and are used to doing on a bike. Autumn is not a reason to abandon your bike or refuse to buy such a vehicle. The possibilities for using it are endless! Read the article! 🙂

Why and how animal husbandry harms the environment?

The UN states that "livestock causes deep and wide-ranging environmental impacts that must be addressed immediately." Have you ever thought about the harm to the entire planet caused by the consumption of meat and other food of animal origin? Greenhouse gases, waste of water and land, waste and banal killing of living beings generated by this industry exceed reasonable limits and lead us to irreversible consequences. The article lists the main problems of modern animal husbandry with facts from scientists.