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A deep delusion of modern man is the idea that he is the master of Nature and the life of all life on the Planet depends on him. This belief is born from selfishness and the desire to prevail over the elements. But, as the historical digression shows, a person cannot cope with natural forces. From here comes the inharmonious interaction with Nature, the destructive actions of man, which harm him himself.

What conclusion can be drawn from this and how to help the situation? First of all, it is necessary to deeply realize that each person is born by Nature, therefore he owes his existence to earth, water, fire and air. Our Planet, as well as its most ancient inhabitants, appeared long before man. We need to show respect and gratitude to all living things that surround us. And the most important component of the harmonious existence of man in nature is the realization that we, people, are only a small part of this great Force and that none of our innovations will help to conquer this Force. It remains to bow before the greatness and beauty of Nature, since not a single inventor has created anything more perfect than Nature creates.

For a clearer understanding, we present photographs in which you can feel the power of nature in relation to man. Perhaps they will also inspire you to new discoveries and travels.

We express our deep gratitude to all photojournalists, whose names we do not know, for the wonderful shots that allow us to enjoy the beauty in different parts of our Planet.

Appreciate Nature, respect her, take care of her, and she will take care of you! 🙂




May all living beings be happy! 🙂

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