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We all tend to live within the framework of habits imposed on us since childhood, without much thought and without noticing what is actually happening and why. Information comes to us from outside: from friends, from TV, radio, newspapers, social networks, but not from ourselves. Therefore, getting lost in the emotional jungle of our reactions, we blame the world around us for everything.

Gradually turning the perspective of attention inward, the understanding comes naturally that the Universe only reflects the result of our own actions and thoughts. And the emotional state is an external expression of the internal. For example, if we catch a cold, it is not the cold that is to blame, but weak immunity or light clothing. Or, if we are angry, then the reason lies not in the action or the person who committed it, but in how we react to the action. And so on… Gradually it becomes clear that we need to be very attentive to ourselves, our states, thoughts, actions, to who and what we surround ourselves with. And then an acute lack of contact with nature, which is the source of everything on Earth, begins to be felt.

What are we to do, living in the city, spending most of the day at work every day, without access to natural resources? The situation can be changed by introducing natural products into your life and reducing the number of non-natural ones. For example, I am a housewife and cook at home, and my husband often says that my food is soulful, real, not the same as in restaurants. This builds a connection, because in preparing it, I put my love, my abilities, my soul. And when we buy semi-finished products, ready-made food, or eat in public catering, this soul is not felt .... Because such “food” is prepared with a completely different purpose and energy. After all, you can distinguish grandmother's village tomatoes from store-bought ones. 🙂

The same thing happens with products that are in close contact with our skin - clothes, cosmetics, household chemicals. If they are not made from natural materials, synthesized chemically, you will feel uncomfortable (or even bring on diseases). This can be clearly verified by the example of personal hygiene products. Having stopped using shampoo, I can say with confidence that the sensations arise completely different both on the physical and psycho-emotional levels. Each product carries its own energy. What was produced in chemical laboratories has no basis in goodness. Our body, both inside and out, needs natural products. The basic principle of proper external nutrition for the skin is: "Do not put on the body what you cannot eat." Probably, each of you buys a lot of jars of expensive cosmetics (supposedly of good quality from famous manufacturers), then funds from this cosmetics, and so on .... Just by stopping doing this and switching to natural care products, I assure you, in a couple of months you will understand how your body does not want all this chemistry. And how to significantly reduce costs and environmental pollution. The same principle applies to clothing made from natural fabrics, furniture, interior items, toys, accessories, etc. - everything that your life consists of.

Having lost contact with their body, true nature and desires, replacing them with the desires of marketers, humanity has lost its original contact with nature (this is brilliantly illustrated by the film "The Beautiful Green" ). We have replaced everything natural with synthetic, simplified our lives with different techniques, replaced communication with the Internet, and labor with robots. Phones, apartments, cars, plastic food, chemicals... All of this takes us away from a clean source. Look around - how many happy faces will you see? If you go to another country and stop speaking your native language, you will lose contact with it and soon you will gradually forget it, and until recently, a foreign language will become native and familiar to you. Moving away from nature, leaving for the city, we gradually wean ourselves from fresh air and green grass - they are replaced by exhaust gases and sidewalks ... We do not see how trees are cut down for printer paper, we do not know how much water we use for toilets, draining rivers and seas and how much rubbish goes to landfills… But we know how much a new MacBook costs and which dress from the new Zara collection we would like to buy for the new season… Instead of walking on the ground, we change into cars, instead of touching hands herbs, we print messages on social networks with them, and instead of breathing the forest air, we sit in smoky cafes ....

We live in an age of artificial things, and therefore our feelings become artificial. We are no longer interested in love, friendship, compassion, justice, mutual assistance. Now we are interested in money. Previously, people living in the same village were closely connected with nature, helped each other endure all sorrows, were happy and healthy, more merciful and noble. But now globalization is rapidly trying to fence us off from these qualities, turning us into consuming iron monsters.

We have a chance to change everything! You need to start at least by bringing more natural things into your life, making your space more natural, natural, organic and organic! Spend more time in nature - learn from her wisdom and tranquility.

Do not follow the advertisers, but listen to your inner voice, to the voice of your body. Take care of him, take care of others, and may peace be with you! 🙂

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