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The documentary "Making the Connection" aims to dispel the myths that without animal foods, you can't be healthy, successful, and enjoy life to the fullest. These are the stories of real people who decided to choose a different path and showed by their example that it is not only no worse, but also better in many respects. Representatives of various occupations (farmer, athlete, cook, politicians, doctors, nursing mother) talk about the benefits of a vegan lifestyle, not only for health, but also for the whole Planet. It is known that animal husbandry not only pollutes the atmosphere with dangerous gases, and wastewater with waste products, but also an exorbitantly huge amount of Earth's resources is spent on the production of meat and milk, due to the lack of which humanity will suffer greatly in a few decades. It is important to know this information and take action to improve the situation.

Are you ready to recognize the connection and start acting today?

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