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City, traffic jams, car noise, emissions of gases into the atmosphere, a sedentary lifestyle… - civilization has brought mankind not only benefits, but also many problems and disasters. It is very difficult in the modern world, especially in big cities, to lead an ecological lifestyle, to have access to fresh air and clean natural areas. But by taking small steps, you can reduce your impact on the environment. Choosing a bicycle as a mobile transport, you not only significantly help the environment, but also ensure your health and excellent physical shape. And the more people use this method of transportation, the less exhaust gases will enter the atmosphere not only from cars, but also from oil refineries.

So, here are some of the benefits of choosing a bike:

  • reduction of carbon dioxide emissions by 145 g for every kilometer done by bicycle instead of car;
  • significant reductions in emissions from oil production, the manufacture of automobiles, tires and accessories;
  • reduction of the noise background of the metropolis, which reaches 95 decibels, while the normal sound level is considered to be 30 decibels;
  • reducing traffic jams in the city and the time spent in them;
  • increase in parking spaces: one car can accommodate about 10 bicycles;
  • riding a bike at 15-20 km/h saves you 400-500 calories for every hour of travel, while in a car or subway you are still. Cyclists are less susceptible to diseases of the cardiovascular system and respiratory organs, do not have problems with being overweight, and have toned muscles. Leading Australian universities, on behalf of the Australian Department of Health, announced the figure of saved budget money for health care as a result of the active use of bicycles by citizens of the country - $ 227.2 million annually;
  • bicycle assistance in communication and socialization, organization of joint trips to work, walks out of town or city tours;
  • significant savings in personal material resources;
  • many bicycles and their accessories are made from recycled materials;
  • deeper and more open immersion in the environment, exploring the city, people, new routes and unexplored places;
  • mobility of the vehicle.

In many European cities, a bicycle is not just a necessary, but a prestigious means of transportation. This means a healthy lifestyle and respect for the environment. The most "cycling" country in Europe is Denmark, where 20% of all trips are made by bicycles. About the cyclists of this country and what they do on bicycles, we did an overview in the article " 10 things that Danes do on bicycles ". Many other developed countries allocate huge budgets for the construction and maintenance of cycling infrastructure, the formation of communities and the development of this direction.

Make the choice of a healthy lifestyle and your choice!

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