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The well-known proverb about the need to build a house, plant a tree and raise a son can undergo significant changes in the modern world, where the popularity of child-free life is growing for the sake of ecology and other values, but its second point about a tree not only remains relevant, but also becomes more and more significant for the Planet. The processes of deforestation , which have overtaken modern humanity on an unprecedented scale, are due to many reasons: from the growth and development of industry ( especially livestock ) and the scale of infrastructure to overconsumption and climate change.

In view of these circumstances, planting a tree with your own hands is an obvious and simple environmental step that will allow you to contribute to a healthier and greener world around you. After all, trees are, without exaggeration, the lungs of the Planet, which not only absorb carbon dioxide, but also emit oxygen necessary for life. By the way, for the countries of the post-Soviet space, planting trees is especially relevant now, when spring has come to cities, villages and environs.

And here are some suggestions and recommendations for planting a tree (or even trees!) from anekdotig:

  1. If you wish and understand this need, approach the task responsibly, having previously studied the “technical” nuances of how to plant a tree. What kind of wood to choose? What tools and accessories will be needed? When and how to competently carry out the landing itself? Is it necessary and how to care afterwards? .. On the Internet you can find many instructions (text and with video) on this topic - for example, on wikHow or Eto-Dacha . In urban realities, familiar summer residents can become a useful source of practical information. However, do not overdo the preparation, spending so much time and effort on it that the enthusiasm will end before you get to the mission itself 🙂
  2. Invite your relatives, friends and acquaintances for a landing - after all, together it is not only more interesting and more fun, but also more productive! And it's especially great to involve children in the process , who will see a personal example in your initiative, remember it and, perhaps, even share it with friends.
  3. Combine this event with an outdoor picnic organized with respect for nature and ecology. Such a simple symbiosis will contribute to becoming even a little closer to nature .
  4. Tell your friends about your event on social networks: before the event, in order to possibly attract more participants, and after the event, in order to spread this useful idea among the masses.
  5. As an alternative, find out (from the Internet, newspapers, ads and from acquaintances) about tree planting campaigns in your area and join them. For example, on April 22-23, 2017, Greenpeace invites you to plant a forest in the vicinity of the village of Mendeleevo, Solnechnogorsk district, Moscow region.
  6. Do not force yourself, but enjoy the process! Without this, even a successful event will achieve only one purely practical goal to the detriment of the psychological and social effects, which are no less important if we take a holistic approach to environmental issues!

Let the trees grow and delight us wherever we go on the Planet, and all living beings will be happy! 😉

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