Thank people for environmental awareness

Most likely you already have acquaintances who are not just interested in ecology, but also try by their example to implement practical things that benefit the entire planet: reduce their consumption, become vegetarians / vegans, use reusable containers, save resources, tell others about environmental issues and so on. We are social beings, and we all need support - especially in a world where there are not so many who are seriously concerned about global problems.

So our new advice is simple: thank people who are environmentally conscious! Support them with a kind word, showing that they are not alone, that their actions are truly important and valuable. And it’s not at all necessary for you to know these people personally - imagine how nice it would be for you, for example, to hear this from a stranger in a store: “Thank you for giving up disposable bags. I know this is for the benefit of the entire planet, and I am grateful for your concern for the environment.” Do you think this is impossible? We know it's very possible! 🙂

Thank you all , dear readers, for all the efforts that you have done and will only do for the good of our Planet! You are great!

“Sometimes our fire goes out, but another person rekindles it. Each of us is deeply indebted to those who did not let our fire go out. — Albert Schweitzer, German and French theologian, philosopher of culture, humanist, musician and physician, Nobel Peace Prize (1952)

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Dmitry Shurupov Dmitry Shurupov
We run a tips section for sharing good habits. By developing these habits for a certain time (for example, a week or a month), one after another, you can gradually turn your life into a conscious harmonious coexistence on our beautiful Planet!

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