Use e-books - save trees

In our age of technological progress, there are many positive aspects - for example, the ability to save natural resources. Therefore, there is no such urgent need to use a paper book. According to rough estimates, one tree goes to the production of two books!

“I have already noticed that wherever I go, I see plantations of eucalyptus trees. Why? - Yes, because they are needed to obtain wood pulp, from which paper is made. Paper consumption has quadrupled in the last fifty years, and the eucalyptus tree has been growing for ten years. However, nothing will grow under them, the flora here is no longer biologically diverse, one forest cannot be replaced by another.”

Jan-Arthus Bertrand, The House.

Undoubtedly, there are those who like to leaf through a printed book and touch it. In past centuries, when paper materials were the only information carrier, and the population of the Planet was much smaller, there were simply no other options. But now, when billions of people buy books for the sake of a one-time reading and subsequent dusting on the shelf, this is bad manners. In addition, by cutting down the forest, we deprive the habitat of many birds, animals and insects. This is clearly demonstrated in the cartoon "PUK-PUK-PUK" .

Buy e-books or other modern media and use them for a long time. Save the forest - they are the lungs of our Planet and the habitat of many species!

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