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“Be the change you want to see in the world”

Mahatma Gandhi

Often people blame others for all the troubles of the world, not noticing their own actions and their influence. It seems that one person cannot change anything on a Planet with a population of more than 7 billion. In fact, everything is completely different. The world, both bad and good, begins with ourselves. Each of our small actions has a scale that we do not suspect. By tossing one plastic bag past the bin, we can encourage hundreds of others to do the same, and end up with an entire ocean buried under a mountain of rubbish. A rude word spoken to one person can ruin many people's day, which can lead to quarrels, sickness, or accidents.

The same thing happens with good deeds. By doing a noble deed, by speaking kind words of encouragement, we create far more far-reaching consequences than we can imagine. By setting our own positive example, we encourage others to act more correctly and create a positive world around us. Even if not everyone follows your example, there will still be one more happy person in the world. If no one but you buys a reusable shopping bag, the world will still be a thousand bags cleaner. And this is already a very significant step.

Don't expect others to change! Change yourself! We are all inseparably connected with each other, with nature, with animals, with all living beings. Living on the same Planet, we are members of the same biological chain, as well as the creators and destroyers of our common habitat. Be attentive and conscious to your smallest action and deed in relation to other people and living beings, and very soon the world can get rid of hatred and war, climate problems and natural disasters, incurable diseases and other problems of our time. Be the cause of positive change in the world! Create a new chain of goodness! 🙂



Victoria Shurupova Victoria Shurupova

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