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The authors of the Vivaldi web browser, created last year by natives of Opera Software, announced that with the new version of their product - version 1.9 - Ecosia has become one of the search engines available to users.

Ecosia is a search engine that gives 80% of its advertising revenue to internet users to tree planting programs around the world . The project was created by the efforts of an enthusiast from Germany in 2009, and during this time more than 7.5 million trees have already been planted with the funds raised by him. Ecosia's goal is much bigger - to plant 1 billion trees by 2020.

The main page of this search engine shows the total number of trees planted, and when directly searching for information on the web, the upper right corner of the interface displays the number of trees planted due to the current user (due to showing ads while working with Ecosia). As a social business, Ecosia is carbon-neutral, financially transparent and certified as a B-corporation (Benefit Corporation) in the US.

The adoption of Ecosia in the list of pre-installed Internet search engines is a great step on the part of the developers of Vivaldi. It will be great if the authors of more popular web browsers also take up this initiative.

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