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Environmental Protection Agency headquarters in California

The program of the US state of California, aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions, has been extended until 2030 and is designed to reduce their level by 40% (compared to 1990). 2/3 of the state legislature voted for this and, noteworthy, among them were 8 votes from Republican politicians, whose opinion differed from the position of US President Donald Trump (from the same party), who is trying to nullify the numerous environmental initiatives of the previous leader of the country — Barack Obama.

Launched in 2012, California's Cap-and-Trade Program is a major part of the US state's plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions without significantly harming the region's thriving economy. This program is essentially a market instrument for reducing greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere, since it boils down to emissions trading. California laws require local power plants, as well as the fossil fuel and natural gas industry and distributors, to buy permits for their emissions, which must decrease over time.

The economic regulation of these emissions stimulates local businesses to look for alternative (renewable) energy sources, which leads to positive changes in the region's ecology. Greenhouse gas trading in California is linked to a similar system in Quebec (eastern Canada) and will be joined next year by Ontario (central Canada). California is also famous environmental initiatives


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