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Alta Wind Energy Center - one of the world's largest wind farms (USA, California)

Last week, the city of Orlando (USA, Florida) adopted a resolution according to which by 2050 all electricity consumed in it must come from renewable energy sources.

It is expected that by 2030 all municipal services of the city with a population of about 240 thousand people will use clean, renewable energy. In part, this decision was facilitated by the fact that today the prices for installing solar panels have fallen by 70% compared to 2010.

The mayor of Orlando (Buddy Dyer) has previously been involved in various green initiatives, and in June of this year he joined the Sierra Club's Mayors for 100% Clean Energy campaign . To date, more than 100 mayors are represented in it.

As for the American cities themselves, the total number of such promises (about the full transition to renewable energy) was 40. The first of them back in 2007 was Aspen (Colorado) - a small city (population - less than 7,000 people), which is known for its ski resort. And what is even more interesting, some of the cities (of course, with a modest population) have already fulfilled their promises. Here they are ( list from Sierra Club ):

  1. Aspen : 2007 promise fulfilled in 2015 (around 50% wind, 45% water, 5% solar);
  2. Rock Port , Missouri, about 1,300 people: 2008 promise fulfilled in the same year (wind farm);
  3. Greensburg , Kansas, about 800 people: 2008 promise fulfilled in 2013 (12.5 megawatt wind farm);
  4. Kodiak (Alaska, about 6,000 people): 2008 promise met 99.5% in 2012;
  5. Burlington , Vermont, about 43,000 people: 2012 promise fulfilled in 2014 (50% water, 30% wood chip biomass, 20% landfill methane, wind, sun).

Of the major cities participating in this initiative, one can single out San Jose (about 950 thousand inhabitants; plan - by 2022), San Francisco (800 thousand people, by 2030), San Diego (1.3 million people by 2035), Atlanta (420 thousand people by 2035), Portland (600 thousand people by 2050). The combined population of all US cities already participating in the 100% Renewable Energy Initiative is about 6 million people.

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