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Scientists from the Center for Research on Environmental Epidemiology of Barcelona (CREAL), in collaboration with the ISGlobal center say that the reduction in air pollution levels inside and outside schools is due to green spaces inside and around the premises. Any greenery, be it trees, plants or grass, has a positive effect on the mental and mental health of students. The project investigated the relationship between greenery in and around 36 schools and monitored levels of road traffic air pollutants such as NO2, ultrafine particles, carbon, and other fine particles that can enter the lungs and cause cancer.

The scientists concluded that reducing outdoor air pollution through green spaces leads to a reduction in indoor pollution. "We've seen some shifts in reducing pollutant levels in schools with more greenery around them," said Payam Dadvand, lead author of the paper published in Science of the Total Environment.

“Given the high level of health effects on schoolchildren from air pollutants, our research should inform policy makers and health professionals about the importance of green spaces around schools not only for health promotion, but also for improving behavior and academic achievement,” says Dadwand.

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