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Everyone knows about climate change not only from the news pages and various scientific reports, but it is also very easy to notice in life. Large temperature contrasts, abnormal weather conditions, shift of the seasons by at least a month, frequent natural disasters, and so on. And I would like to say that the role of mankind is insignificant in these processes on a global scale, but this is not so. Every day, globalization, careless and unconscious handling of the resources of the Earth and its other abodes lead to the fact that now a person himself suffers due to the unpredictability of weather conditions, to the inability to influence them and disappointing forecasts for the future.

Today, November 30, 2015, the expected 21st UN Conference on Climate Change (COP21) opened in Paris. and renewable energy by 2020. The meeting, which will last until December 11, will be attended by the heads and most significant representatives of more than 150 countries. French President François Hollande as host of the summit and United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon as the initiator of the adoption of a new climate agreement will be the first to speak at the conference.

But the main influence on climate change is every ordinary inhabitant of the Planet, who contributes to the state of all life on Earth with his thinking and daily actions. And on Sunday, the day before the summit, people around the world marched in support of measures against climate change, expressing their understanding of the problem and their willingness to solve it. To confirm the fact that the issue is global and concerns each of us, we present to your attention photographs of marchers from different parts of the world.


Prince Albert II of the Kingdom of Monaco with his wife Princess Charlene and their newborn twins Jacques and Gabriella


Labor leader Jeremy Corbyn and designer Vivienne Westwood among activists in London (UK)


Poster during the London march, calling for action now - otherwise you will have to swim later


Appeal for temperature reduction, Berlin (Germany)


Launch of a ball in the form of Planet Earth in Rome (Italy). The poster on the right says "We don't have Planet B"


Batman from Vienna (Austria), who also needs climate superheroes


Ian Devnan expresses his environmental message in his own way at a march in Dublin, Ireland


Yemeni protesters say 'Our climate is our concern'


Residents of Lyon (France) demonstrate the connection of all people on Earth in an effort to save our Planet


Residents of Munich (Germany) with their white clothes call for attention to the preservation of glaciers


Greenpeace volunteers from St. Petersburg urge to receive energy from the sun


Petersburg residents supported by activists from the Philippines


Indonesians also aspire to clean energy

A young activist from Adelaide (Australia) worries about our future, which is equal to the future of the Planet

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