Do not use nitrogen or other chemical fertilizers

When the crop is harvested and the land is ready for winter rest, many farmers fertilize the soil for its more fruitful properties in the next season. The best remedy for this is organic fertilizer (manure) or pre-prepared compost. These substances are not only a good habitat for the development of beneficial microorganisms, but also do not harm human health and the environment.

What threatens the use of chemical (mineral) fertilizers: nitrogen, phosphorus, potash?

  • the use of such fertilizers increases the yield only for a short period, but leads to long-term impoverishment of the soil;
  • food products accumulate toxic substances in themselves (especially beets);
  • with rain and irrigation water, chemicals enter rivers, lakes, seas and oceans, and therefore into the water that a person drinks;
  • the use of mineral fertilizers causes increased flowering (greening) of fresh waters (lakes, rivers, ponds);
  • freshwater and marine life are also affected by the introduction of such substances into their habitats;
  • the production of fertilizers wastes resources, emits carbon dioxide and other compounds such as fluorine, phosphoric acid, nitric acid salts and other chemical compounds that are industrial poisons.

Everything is harmonious in nature, and if insects are created that eat part of the fruits, this is their vital role, and a person must share, since he takes a lot from nature. In order to provide the entire population of the planet with food, there is no need to artificially increase the harvest: it is enough to eat less meat and give pastures to grow food for humans, not to buy excess food and not throw it away.


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