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In May 2014, the non-profit organization Waterfront Partnership in Baltimore (USA) installed the world's first ever-functioning ocean debris wheel onshore.

The device "Mr. Trash Wheel" (Mr. Trash Wheel) is made in the form of a large wheel through which water passes, and with it all the garbage in it, which is screened out as it passes through a special conveyor.

The wheel is powered by renewable energy: solar (an array of 30 solar panels) and water current (from the Jones Falls creek). Since May 2014, the Garbage Wheel has managed to become an attractive object for tourists and collect more than 350 tons of garbage, including more than 200 thousand plastic and 4 thousand glass bottles, 250 thousand disposable food containers, 115 thousand plastic bags, 175 thousand packages for chips and others. snacks, 6 million cigarette butts and a myriad of other objects.

Representatives of Singapore, Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) and about 30 US cities including Philadelphia and Honolulu have already paid attention to this project. Mister Trash Wheel even has a Twitter account , in which project updates and funny statuses are posted daily.

Meanwhile, yesterday, December 24, 2015, was broken : a recorded figure of 71 degrees Fahrenheit surpassed the previous record of 65 degrees set in 1982 and 1990. Moreover, the temperature was so high that even its minimum - 66 degrees - exceeds the previous maximums for Christmas in this region.

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